Anonymous asked: Aroused Soul and Maka


Hello anon, this is a million years late but here it is.  (It’s SoMa if you squint hard enough, I think I might continue it.)

Maka steps upon the rocky shore, the sea breeze stinging her bare feet.

“Farewell!” Her father calls from the receding gangplank of the ship.

She turns back to glare at him. 

Farewell, as if she was going off on a picnic.  Farewell, as if she would be coming back.  Farewell, as if her very steps weren’t spelling out her imminent doom.

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"In honor of the series’ 15th anniversary, a pair of anime projects have been announced. A sequel to the original Digimon Adventure featuring a 17-year-old Tai/Taichi with a high school age cast has been revealed. Along with that upcoming anime, the 15th anniversary event also announced plans to release a Japanese Blu-ray set of the original Adventure."

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Samurai Jack: Fight Me Aku! - Created by Daemon Castaguer


Samurai Jack: Fight Me Aku! - Created by Daemon Castaguer

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Shinigami and Mabaa y by Crystalwerewolf


Shinigami and Mabaa y by Crystalwerewolf

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Anonymous asked: I just finished reading Interuntii and I feel like I just finished reading an actual book. That feeling of loss is so strong. It had me on edge and it made me smile and I can't praise your skills enough for this masterpiece. I just looked up the title and Wikipedia said it meant "messenger." Is this correct? I'm a little slow on the uptake so could you explain why and how you came to this title? Again, excellent work!


ajdhfkljdhfkjdf I APPRECIATE THE WORDS OH MAN this fic took so much to write and it is the thing I’m most proud of and hearing that is so emotionally affected other people means so much to me I can’t express it

The title is actually a Latin word “internuntius” (which declined in the nominative plural becomes “internuntii”) and it means “intermediary, go between”.  Because while the story is very much the end of the world (literally), it is also the beginning of a new one, and the beginning of a new way of life.  Maka and Soul and Kid and Stein were the intermediaries between the two worlds, the bridge between them, so the title refers to them!

Thanks so much for asking!!

Last day for ResBang 2014 sign-ups!



It is July 31st today, which is your last chance to sign up for Soul Eater ResBang participation! We will be closing Author, Artist, and Beta threads tomorrow morning (August 1st). 

As a reminder, this year’s theme is Rise From The Ashes.

If you have been wondering if you should join this year or not, please remember there is no penalty for dropping out of the challenge prematurely (though we remind you to please let the mods know if you can’t complete your project), but if you do not sign up you can only cheer from the sidelines until next year! 

Our current count of participants has grown a shload over last year’s ResBang! Good job everyone and thank you for taking a brave step if you’ve been shy! As of right now we have:

  • 82 Authors (sign up here)
  • 72 Artists (sign up here)
  • 26 Betas (volunteer here)

We have a crazy amount of SoulxMaka authors and artists, but we are open and openly looking for authors who write other pairings or general fic. We are open to all pairings and hope for greater variety! TsuStar, KiMa, KidStar, TsuLiz, KidCrona, CronaMaka— you name it, we’ll take it! Don’t be shy, we have artists and betas who have signed up that are open to all pairings! 

ResBang masterpost and rules
Any questions? Look for answers here. 

Go go go!

All are welcome to participate in this super awesome event!

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Anonymous asked: Hello there, quick question, if you please. I was just wondering if you knew of any Soul Eater Atlantis: The Lost Empire AUs? I feel like there has to be a at least a few out there somewhere, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't totally behind and that it isn't an overdone concept. I'm planning on doing my own multi-chapter one. :p Thanks!

Actually I did drabble a thing but man it was silly and going nowhere, but!

From my understanding, smokeandjollyranchers did begin working on an Atlantis AU, which you can read here.  It would be a great idea to talk to her about it, I’m sure she’d be happy to chat with you!  Good luck with your fic!

Lodestar update


10: My Love’s At The End Of A Dirt Road

In which everything is either a beatdown or a poop joke. You also meet the former ranch hand, learn of Pat’s new crush, and maybe maybe maybe smell some UST. Maybe.

Also if you don’t have feelings for Officer Albarn, there’s nothing I can do for you.

Fashion Wonderland: Zuhair Murad f/w 2012-2013